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My Environment


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Distaste 01:19
Holding in distaste yet again I’m about to explode Bottle up the anger in my head It’s all I know (It will never end) So sick of sorrow Go to bed wait until tomorrow Procrastinate the pain Holding in the hate So sick of sorrow Go to bed wait until tomorrow Procrastinate the pain Searching for ways to escape Never stop the suffer We only learn how to cope with the pain We turn our weakness into strength Still holding it all in at the end of the day
Anger’s piling up around me Liars, cheaters, fakes all that I see Not only do they drag me down It changes the way I think I ask myself “what the fuck do I do?” To get out of this hole I don’t know where to turn and go Just a product of where I’m from (Nowhere to run) Trouble on my mind yet again Guilty conscience pounding in my head Sick and tired of the mental abuse Don’t know what the fuck to do I ask myself “How the fuck do I get out?” Of this depressive hole I don’t know where to turn and go Got to relieve this stress Cut the fence
The Truth 02:06
The worst is still coming you say these hard times are here Each day’s a tragedy when you’re living in fear You’re following the trends and you believe what they said The lies that were told and drilled inside your head Different religions Corrupt politicians It’s a war that we will never fucking win Because they’re keeping the truth from you Disease infecting free minds Stuck in the middle No idea what’s wrong or right We all know there’s something they hide They don’t care about the rest of us they put us aside Trackside I had a feeling that I lost control To each his own this world I cannot cope Feel like I failed a thousand times Only looking forward, this world is mine Fighting to forget about the past Wrong side of the tracks Can’t live my life in decay Wrong side of the tracks, gotta find my way I gotta try to get this weight off my back I’ll fight this cold world and have my revenge Can’t stop thinking about how life ain’t swell But it’s hard to dwell in this living hell
Trackside 01:46
In a state of fucking fear and greed You shake my hand with a smile, try to make peace I know I gotta cut the shit Make your fairy tale end and reality begin Paranoid by your own decision You’re the point you’re always missing Fade away because you can’t stay true We don’t see nothing real in you Your choice makes you fade away It’s a price you now must pay The knife cuts both ways And you’re the one to blame No room for peace Gonna drag you down with me Just to make you see Paranoid by your own decisions We tried to peace it out But the motive just slipped away Think we’re caught in a social decay No one cares about it anyway Paranoid by your own damn choice You hang your head in shame The knife cuts both fucking ways And you’re the one to blame
Passive aggression all around Why are you still talking? Please worry about yourself Always taking and never give a fucking thing Except conflicts, the issues and deception you bring Try to look the part you play so people believe But your whole act is transparent to me Won’t be able to see the bridges decay Because a year from now you’ll be gone (Fade away) Searching for acceptance get lost Never trusted any word that you say We see your bullshit from a mile away You sit and wonder why we think you’re a fool Because it’s the things that you do And what you said, it wasn’t true I see through you.


"My Environment" EP

NMZ is teaming up with NJHC band Fence Cutter to bring you their new EP, “My Environment”. Fence Cutter follow the blueprint of many East Coast hardcore bands before them — bounce and groove, razor sharp riffs and lyrical themes of consternation that can be felt with every lyrical delivery.

1. Distaste
2. My Environment
3. The Truth
4. Trackside
5. No Room For Peace
6. See Through You

Jason - Vocal
Avery - Guitar
Derrick - Guitar
Juan - Bass
Sterling - Drums

Tapes limited to 50
25/ black Fence Cutter exclusive
25/ clear NMZ exclusive



released June 20, 2019

RECORDED, MIXED AND MASTERED by Sean Kenny at Trax East in South River, NJ
Artwork and layout by Ridge Rhine


all rights reserved



New Morality Zine Chicago, Illinois

DIY Zine and Record Label.

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