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Straight Edge hardcore from Oklahoma.
Very rarely can you find a band whose intensity is matched by it's honesty. On this promising demo, End On End has been able to accomplish just that. Four well crafted hardcore songs that come across pissed yet poetic. The songs demonstrate a cohesive and thoughtful musicianship that show this band is here to make an impact.

This release presents the best in the Midwest team up of New Morality Zine and Dog Years Records.
Physical copies at:

25 white (NMZ Exclusive)
25 blue (Dog Years Records Exclusive)
25 yellow (End On End Exclusive)


released April 19, 2019

Album art by: Augie
Album layout by: Chris Mollet

Recorded at Luis's House
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jake Scott


all rights reserved



New Morality Zine Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Need To Be
eons of people walking upright
but o’ i need to be myself

forever rage, and two too-thin legs
fucked up knees, and a need to relate
keeps me abreast of all the pain in the room
but i’m floundering, drowning, in groupthink
i pound and i pound
blustering, violent,
screaming at the ground (MOVE)
at times, unable to think, hear, or see,
but everything — everything is worth the feeling

increasing myself
reflecting multitudes
cannibal’s spirit
unable to push through

unable to learn that from anything else
if it exists, it’s in relation to me — even the pain in the room
i see the waiting
waiting for the chance to spin around and break the legs of that new-found man
anything for that fucking feeling

tear down cities of You
until the only thing left standing is My Self
Track Name: Replacement Head
you never felt the pull, you took it all on faith —
anger as insincere at what you make
and now you have the gall to tell us how to live,
despite the fact you took it all because you’ve got nothing to give
i don’t wanna be you, to learn to be me,
crushed by god for doing or saying the wrong thing

your tyrant days are over now, your rules don’t apply
“this time belongs to us!” or isn’t that right?
oh-so-cavalier, it doesn’t hurt you to lie,
but you’ll cover your ears when the new kids cry,
off with their fuckin heads

affix your lens

replacement head
Track Name: The Push-Away
i want to make myself into whatever you need
extend with open palm, my heart, and let it bleed
growing tired of the walls, of having hurt to show
i won’t impale myself on my flaming sword anymore.

sea of earth between, but never far from you
convince myself i’m worth the task of love to see this through
the pieces of you that i find in me will have to do
destroy me with a word, and carve me anew

sea of earth
born in the blue
on mountaintops
carve me anew
Track Name: Smallest Stone
what were you supposed to think?
bent head, servile pose, over oven, or kitchen sink

locked behind your bedroom door with YOURSELF, with your FEAR, with your UNTAMED WAY
your heart still growing, beating, yearning, for reciprocation, every day

so you bury yourself in your april gardens, and up sprouts me --
lifted onto your old, green soul,
to give me love you’d never seen
you die your deaths in the shallow breaths,
in the culvert of that love and fear
and your overcrowded head somehow leaves room for everybody but yourself

never granted the gentle night
never a respite from the self-sight
never danced inside your own sunlight
never out from under the shadow of world-fright

but you, you grew
and i grew too, when you were two days into the sick,
pins and tumblers just wouldn’t click
and when you still can’t fight it now,
a decade-old fear comes back around
but i would carry you on my back for miles before you suffered alone again

“she would smile, to show me how, and it was the saddest smile i ever saw”

— charles bukowski

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