Bloom At Night


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Philly's Sunstroke return with the follow up to last year's LP, "Second Floor/Seven". The new 12" EP, aptly titled "Bloom At Night", showcases the band's desire for progression. This release finds the band's sound expanding further into a unique blend of hardcore that holds true to the "Revolution Summer" brand, while highlighting some more subtle influences. The band has not only progressed sonically, but topically as well. While the last release saw Sunstroke taking aim at the ways of the world, "Bloom At Night" has a much more introspective approach in support of individuals tackling their own respective hardships. This EP firmly places Sunstroke at the forefront of an oncoming wave of modern melodic hardcore.

Track List:
1. Bloom At Night
2. Fall Risk
3. Aloof
4. Comadosed
5. Under Your Influence (Dag Nasty cover)

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released November 8, 2019

Recorded and mastered at Salad Days Studio with Brian McTernan
Art by Mike Newman


all rights reserved



New Morality Zine Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Bloom At Night
The waves crash the hardest
Direction is unclear
Visibility is low &
The breaking point is near

How do we prepare for push comes to shove?
Why the fuck do we hurt the ones that we love?
I’ll Bloom At Night

Humanity has failed us, law followed suit, created loopholes waiting to be abused

The colors change
Fading grey to blue
Searching for the light, anything to get me through
I’ll Bloom!
Track Name: Fall Risk
When tired from living, turns to tired of living.
A heart without a home, or much worse .. A home without a heart
Stop Me! Stop Me!
I know you’ve heard this one before
Stop Me! Stop Me!
Don’t let me walk out the door
I’m not young enough
Not dumb enough to feel this way
Temptation from the razors edge
I’m looking with wide eyes
I’m looking off the ledge...
Talk Me Down, Don’t Let Me Drown
Not young enough, Not dumb enough to feel this way
Can’t convince myself that I should stay
Talk Me Down, Don’t Let Me Drown
Track Name: Aloof
Fuck This!
I’m staying in
I won’t subject myself to your bullshit!

I refuse to waste my time, or spend it with someone I can’t respect

I’m Aloof

For a deadbeat surviving on my dime, this cold shoulder is all that’s left for you.

You stole from me what I can’t replaces
You’re a four letter word:
Fool, Liar & A Fake

I’m Aloof

I can’t relate
All we share is a name
Track Name: Comadosed
Swallow the pain away
Prescribe a solution that I can take
Re-align my brain
Fix my heart
Lead the way out

Up the dosage

Void, Avoid and hide my stress
Keep taking more to feel less
(The purpose is within yourself
The movement is within yourself)

Numb, Detached for one more day
When I found that (loss could weigh)

Desperate & Aimless
Vacant & Painless

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